Monday, May 7, 2007

Video of Balloon Burst :(

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Check out all the pics from Launch Day!

Hi All,

Here are some of the better pictures from launch day!

If you like, you can click the link below to download tons of pics from the day.

Click here to download the pics Ms. Samuels took!
Pando is a FREE downloadable program that allows you to send and receive HUGE attachements! Up to 1GB!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Mission Success!

The PALCS Near Space Balloon was recovered safely!
It landed in a Christmas Tree Farm near Delta, Maryland. Easy recovery and great tracking by our chase team.

Special thanks to:

Mr. Harry Bryant - AA2WN
Mr. Ed Clark - W2KP
For Amateur Radio technical assistance and phenomenal tracking!

Ron, Al, & Dave of the New Jersey Battleship Amateur Radio Club
K2SLA , K3ZKO, KC3AM (no particular order)
For ground based tracking assistance and great position updates.

Ms. Yassara Antar - KB3NWR
For Everything! Design, construction, advice, hard work, long hours, tight deadlines, record keeping, great communication, getting her HAM license, not yelling when the first balloon burst, securing funding the project, winning an educational grant, and keeping a smile the whole time.

Mr. Tony DeLuca
Mr. Neal Thomas
For hands-on balloon wrangling and awesome launch team functions!

Ms. Ericka Samuels
For launch team assistance and beautiful photography and videography work. (Pics and vids to come!)

Mr. Pete Brockman
Mr. Dan Berkey
Superior ground team tracking and live web updates.

Mrs. Kari Hutto
Wonderful position reporting and first accurate landing location report.

The GREAT PALCS families that showed out to watch the launch!!

Many thanks to all for your continued support of this valuable educational and scientific venture!!
Found it:)

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Update may have landed. In

Update may have landed. In MD 9 mi west of Bel Air. Yas

Anyone in SE PA who

Anyone in SE PA who would like to see the ATV check out ch 59 now no cable

Chase is On headed south

Chase is On headed south toward red lion pa. 34 Mph!